Eating healthy meals and killing your workouts are vital components in your everyday life if you wish to have a healthy and sustainable weight loss. But there are those times when, even though you believe that you are doing everything right and following all the procedures, your weight just doesn’t seem to budge. Then you start wondering what gives?

Weight loss and food don’t only deal with what you eat, it is also crucial that you watch how you eat your food as well. Every person must have adopted bad eating habits at some point in their lives. But hey, nobody is perfect, right?

That aside, here are some expert pieces of advice on some common weight-loss sabotaging eating habits that you need to steer clear from.

1. Skipping meals

Attending meetings that run well into your lunch hours or even having last-minute plans can sometimes leave you going hungry for many hours at a time. You may think that you are doing something more productive and think that skipping a meal or two won’t hurt much. But your body thinks otherwise. Then when you get a chance to finally sit down for a meal, you feel like you could eat everything edible.

This compensation process never helps one bit either, as you end up consuming more calories than your body needs. You can avoid this common habit by planning meals ahead. Like preparing your breakfast ahead so won’t have to skip any meals.

2. Heading to the grocery store hungry

Hunger has the tendency of turning us into impulse food buyers of high fat and calories, explains Rose Marie Ward, a professor at Miami University. Most hungry folks are also known to purchase non-food items compared to the non-hungry people.

Whenever you are feeling hungry, you need to avoid junk foodstuffs or things like snickers or buy things while thinking using your stomach instead of your head. You can grab a high-protein snack instead if you feel you don’t have time for a healthy meal yet.

3. Mindless eating

Eating in a hungry or destructed state often leads to higher chances that you might not really be paying any attention to your hunger cues. Usually, mindless eating is a reflection of some automated eating behavior which you have formed throughout your life. Chances of you overeating if you don’t pay any attention to what you are eating or how your body is taking in the food are very high. You will only end up gaining more weight than the latter. The simplest way to curb this issue is by being more mindful of what you eat and how you eat.

4. Emotional eating

Emotional eating is the eating type which is stimulated more by some sour memories like bad breakups. This is the process where you start eating more in an effort to try and reach for some unhealthy food comfort. Emotional eating can never have good effects on your body.

It is advisable that you don’t surround yourself with food if you are the type who succumbs to emotional eating after having bad days.

5. Eating directly from the bag or box

Studies have often found that the people who eat straight out of the box or bag tend to eat a lot more. And you find that these foodstuffs are rich in calories, which are not good for the body. Take, for example, someone eating chips out of a huge family-sized bag.

The math is easy, if you have less food, you eat less.