Healthy eating is one aspect that every human being needs to incorporate into their everyday life. But you find that most people tend to ignore this simple rule that eating healthy leads to living healthy. It is essential that you embrace the lifestyle of eating healthy if you wish you live a healthy life. In time, you will also come to realize just how easy it can be to incorporate healthy eating into your everyday routine. You will also be ensuring that your body is well nourished and taken care of throughout your life.

1. Dairy Products

Don’t underestimate dairy products as these are still the sources of calcium. As an adult, you need at least 1,000mg of calcium every single day. But if you are the type who is constantly watching their weight, you can opt for the other options like skim milk or fat-free yogurt.

2. Adolescence

During the early adolescence period, you need to eat a lot of calcium as this is the stage in your life when your body is going through a lot of physiological changes. This is also the time that your bodies become sexually mature which makes it necessary to take a lot of healthy foods rich in protein as well to cope up with all the metabolic demands of your body. You also need foods rich in zinc and folic acid and avoid skipping meals.

3. Bachelors & Young Men

For the young men and bachelors, coking can very easily turn to endless rounds of poorly balanced meals. Foodstuffs that are lacking in fiber, vitamins, and minerals can bode badly for your body. You can avoid this by including fresh and healthy basic foods like brown rice, potatoes, whole-wheat bread, vegetables etc.

4. Young Women

You will also find that women in their 20s also start using different contraceptive pills which can sometimes decrease their overall absorption of vitamin B6 and folic acid in their bodies. These products can all have bad side effects like problems during pregnancy. This is the time that women need to take a lot of foodstuffs rich in folic acid as well as vitamin B6 like beans, legumes, potatoes, and vegetables.

5. Being 30 Years

At the age of around 30, you find that most men and women are so preoccupied with their careers and put long hours into their work and tend to skip meals as well. This pattern is usually a recipe for the body to store more fats, especially around the waist. It is advisable that adults incorporate the habit of taking at least six small meals daily that are rich in magnesium and vitamin B which can mostly be found in bananas, avocados, brown rice, and black-eyed peas.

6. Men At 40

Men, at their 40s, need to put more focus on taking foods rich in phytochemicals like vegetables. These help to ward off diabetes and hypertension. Taking more tomatoes can also help protect men from prostate cancer.

7. Men & Women At 50

At their 50s, men also need to take more foodstuffs rich in zinc. This is the period where most men start to experience a decrease in their sex drive, increase in anxiety and maybe depression starts to kick in. All these are as a result of reduced testosterone levels. Women will experience major drops in estrogen levels which will cause their menstrual cycles to stop which can also lead to metabolism decline. Fruits and vegetables are the best foodstuffs for people of this age.

8. Being 60

Reaching the age of 60, men and women need to take foodstuffs rich in nutrients rather than in kilojoules. Foods rich in vitamin C, E, A and B which are abundant in avocados, liver, fish, and green vegetables are best for people of this age.