It may sound cliché, but most people have found themselves constantly working out ways with which they can change their lifestyles by avoiding eating unhealthy meals and taking the wrong diets. Usually, it involves controlling the portions of food that you take and also limit the number of unhealthy foods for the healthy ones. You can also opt to avoid any and all of the environmental triggers that may lead to an overeating frenzy.

Many diets don’t usually lead to lifestyle changes. And you find that this is usually because these diets can sometimes be hard to maintain especially in the long-term. But if you are looking to lose some weight, then your diet can be one of those factors that set you up for failure. Here are six clear signs that you can use to know if you are on the wrong diet.

1. It’s a total turnaround from your usual eating habits

A bad diet can be one that doesn’t fit into your everyday life or needs. If you can’t imagine having a Sunday dinner without some roasted meat on the side, then you are probably going to have a very hard time switching to a vegan plan and even start following it. Diets that don’t seem to be compatible with your life usually don’t tend to stick with you for very long. However, you need to ensure that you have enough protein in your diet. No matter what it is you are okay eating.

2. It eliminates entire food groups

Nutritionists will always tell you that there’s no food bad for you. But still, there are some foods that you should avoid taking more often. Examples may include fried Oreos and carbs which usually tend to be unsustainable in the long-term and also signs that you are on a bad diet. Carbohydrates are essential for providing your body with energy. You can always opt to ditch taking meals rich in carbohydrates for even a week and still be okay. But if you realize that you are losing weight fast, then it may be because of this, and you need to go back to taking these foods. Remember, this is not the same as cutting back on your total calorie intake where you may start to bulge up immediately you take your first bite.

3. Don’t lose weight right after you start gaining

There are times when you are so excited about losing weight that you even eat foods and diets that encourage your weight loss as well. But some people usually end up feeling defeated if, after a few days of trying, there is no change in their total weight and turn back to their old eating habits. Studies were also found that most of the women who lost a couple of weight really fast ended up gaining more weight over a short period. You need to feel motivated even just by losing tiny amounts of weight.

4. The plan is too convenient

If you are the type who has every single meal coming out of a prepackaged box, then chances are that you are going to have a pretty hard time starting homemade cooking. Home cooked meals are usually healthier and better than buying foods and if you can train yourself to start cooking food, then you can fall on the lucky list.

5. You can’t dine with family and friends

Can you tell how many times you grab a meal simply because the person or people around you are hungry? Or you decide to go out and grab lunch because your co-workers have gone to do the same. The answer would shock you. You may sometimes realize that it’s quite difficult to stick to a restrictive diet plan, especially if your friends and family are around.

6. You aren’t encouraged to exercise

You can say that exercise is slightly overrated, especially when it comes to weight loss. In fact, research has found that exercise usually leads to less than 3% of the total weight loss which is quite insignificant. Physical activity usually boasts hundreds of health benefits, but weight loss aside.