If youʼre new at wine tasting or maybe just want a smooth and versatile go-to wine, then white varieties are a great place to start. There are many different flavour profiles that offer a delicious, yet simple wine tasting experience. 

Whether you are giving the white wine as a gift in a nicely packaged wood box, or you’re purchasing the wine for yourself, it helps to be smart and selective with your choices. Here are the 12 best white wines for beginners to try:

1. Yellow Tail Chardonnay 

This is an extremely popular white wine from Australia, known to be “easy to drink, and easy to understand.” Best served with savoury comfort dishes like roasted chicken and pasta, this wine is ideal for a relaxed night in or cosy family dinner. One bottle typically sells for $20.95. 

2. Thirty Bench Riesling 

This wine is great for beginners who want to explore something on the higher end. Itʼs also great for dinner parties if you want to impress your guests and dazzle up your dishes without worrying about individual preferences – each sip is simple and smooth, yet absolutely delicious. You can usually find this wine priced at $22.95. 

3. XOXO Pinot Grigio Chardonnay Sparkling Wine 

Described as “bright and lively,” this sparkling white wine is a classic go-to if you want to try something bubbly. Itʼs a mix of Pinot Grigio and Chardonay, two different wines which are both known to be versatile and easy-drinking. Locally produced and the price is right too – one bottle sells for just $11.95 at the LCBO

4. Bartenura Moscato 

This slightly bubbly Italian wine is ideal for those who want to start with something on the sweeter side. Ideally served chilled, this wine is great on its own or paired with an appetizer – and if you like spicy food then this wine just might end up being your favourite! One bottle goes for $18.35 and is well worth the price. 

5. Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 

A perfect wine to serve with fish and other seafood dishes. Although Sauvignon Blanc is known for its herby aromatics, this classic New Zealand wine boasts a simple and smooth flavour making ideal for beginners. You can get one bottle of this wine for $19.95. 

6. Yambula Y Series Viognier 

This Australian wine is an excellent choice for a beginner looking to try something on the dryer side. Although highly flavourful it is exceptionally smooth and versatile, pairing well with a wide array of appetizers and entrees. One bottle goes for $14.95. 

7. Matua Hawkeʼs Bay Sauvignon Blanc 

This is another great New Zealand wine for seafood lovers. A crisp and refreshing wine that will please you and just about any picky dinner guest that comes to your next get together. Get a bottle of this wine for just $17.95 and try pairing it with some grilled octopus – you wonʼt be disappointed. 

8. Kim Crawford Chardonnay 

Chardonnay is the most popular white wine out there and this one comes from a famous New Zealand producer. It is extra dry but exceptionally smooth making it ideal for beginners who want an easy, high quality introduction to white wine. Try it with Camembert cheese, white meat, or a salmon dish. Another one that is well worth the price at $19.95. 

9. Fog Head Reserve Chardonnay 

If youʼre new to whites then youʼre probably in the process of understanding the difference between “oaked” and “unoaked” wine. This Californian chardonnay shows you an ideal example of that rich vanilla flavour which comes from aging chardonnay in an oak barrel. Known to be very balanced, it pairs well with poultry, pork, and pasta. Pick one up for $11.82. 

10. The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Chablis 

Ideal for a beginner who would like to understand what an unoaked chardonnay tastes like – and of course this article would not be complete without introducing a wine from France! Chablis is known to be one of the most distinctive wines in the world but the smooth flavour of the Co-op Irresistible makes it an award-winning (literally!) easy drinking white wine. On average, buyers can find a bottle at around $19.87. 

11. Konzelmann Lakefront Series Late Harvest Gewürztraminer 

Looking to try something a little more complex? With aromatics so intense that this wine is often referred to as “exotic,” gewürztraminer is an ideal choice. It is best known for its array of sweet flavour resemblances from rosewater to lychee. When pairing this wine, try foods that are just as exotic – Middle Eastern, Moroccan foods, and curries are common. This German “gewürz” in particular was awarded a gold metal at the 2018 Ontario wine awards, and can be purchased for about $15.95. 

12. Crios De Susana Balbo Torrontés 

Another exotic white wine for the adventurous newbie. Full of floral and citrusy flavours, the Torrontés is Argentinaʼs “signature grape.” Although this Argentinian wine is only recently beginning to grow in popularity it can easily be found right here at home. Well priced at $14.95, the Crios De Susana Balbo Torrontés is perfect for summertime foods and picnics.