Many people claim that we should never feed our dogs any food other than dog food. There is also an assumption that fruits, vegetables and snacks made for humans are not good for these animals.

The truth is that, like us, dogs require an omnivorous diet to get all the nutrients and vitamins they need to be healthy. Certain foods can be dangerous for your dogs, such as chocolate, grapes, onions, and apple cores. However, there are also many foods your dog can safely eat.

As a dog owner, you’ll want to give some healthy snacks to your furry companion and add new flavours to their food bowl. Are you wondering what do dogs like to eat the most? Let’s look at nine foods dogs love:

1. Peanut butter

Many dogs get very excited when their human friend gives them some peanut butter! They love peanut butter, perhaps because of its texture and smell. They could also love that peanut butter is sweet, salty, and rich in fat and protein.

Peanut butter is a safe treat for your dog to eat. However, don’t give them too much of it because consuming a lot of salty foods can be dangerous for their health.

2. Watermelon

A slice or a chunk of watermelon can be a wonderful treat for a dog, especially during a hot summer day. Watermelon provides dogs with hydration and antioxidants that are beneficial for their overall health.

Before you give some yummy watermelon to your furry friend, make sure you remove the rind and the seeds. These are not good for you to eat, and they’re not good for your dog either.

3. Meat

It’s not surprising that dogs like to eat meat. Lean cuts of chicken, for example, could be even more delicious to them than their favourite chicken-flavoured dog food. You could also give your dog some unseasoned and boiled pork, beef, salmon, tuna, or shrimp.

Remember that it’s best not to serve raw meat to your dog, as many types of raw meat can contain bacteria. To be safe, boil the meat first.

4. Raw dog food

While raw meat could potentially be dangerous for dogs, high-quality raw dog food prepared with fresh meat is considered safe for them to eat. And dogs love raw dog food a lot more than they love their dry food. They prefer the smell, the texture and the flavour of natural, wholesome wet food.

Plus, natural raw dog food is usually prepared with fruits and vegetables. It complements a dog’s diet with plenty of vitamins and nutrients that will help them stay healthy.

5. Sweet potatoes

Dogs also like eating sweet potatoes, either steamed or boiled. These potatoes are rich in fibre and vitamins, making them a good healthy snack for any dog. You can serve sweet potato pieces to your dog or mash one and add it to their dry food.

Giving sweet potatoes to your dog once in a while could improve the health of their eyes. It also helps their digestive health, and their heart health, on top of giving more shine to their coat.

6. Carrots

Many dogs love eating carrots, probably because they are crunchy. Dogs like to chew, and a crunchy and yummy carrot gives them a good opportunity to have some fun and to exercise their jaws.

If you have a teething puppy, giving them baby carrots could be a better idea than giving them a chew toy. Carrots contain fibre and vitamins. Plus, this food can help improve your dog’s dental health since all that chewing will keep their teeth clean.

7. Cooked pumpkin

Dogs also enjoy eating pumpkin pieces, pumpkin puree, and even grilled pumpkin seeds. You can add one or two tablespoons of pumpkin puree to your dog’s food bowl or give them a few pieces of cooked pumpkin, which is easier for dogs to digest than fresh pumpkins.

Cooked pumpkin is a nice snack for dogs. This food can also help them if they suffer from either diarrhea or constipation or have an upset stomach.

8. Blueberries

Fresh or frozen blueberries can make great treats for dogs, and they can be healthier than store-bought dog treats. In addition to being delicious and fun to eat, blueberries are packed with antioxidants that can prevent urinary tract infections, relieve constipation, and boost a dog’s immune system. Why not use blueberries as healthy rewards as you teach your dog a new trick?

9. Plain popcorn

Popcorn can also make a fun treat for your dog while you teach them new tricks—dogs like eating popcorn because it’s light and crunchy. However, be sure not to give your dog popcorn covered in salt and melted butter. Plain popcorn is better for their health, even though it might not seem as delicious.