The construction industry is one of the most hardworking trades out there. In addition to all their manual labour and heavy lifting, there are many faucets of any construction management project. With lots of planning, coordinating, and managing involved, it’s fair to say that working in construction is both a physically and mentally demanding job.

When lunchtime comes, hungry construction workers need to eat hearty food that will fill them up. The food provide them with the energy they need to make it to the end of their work day. They also need food that will be convenient and portable, since they might not be able to sit down at a table with a plate and utensils, near a micro-wave oven.

If you don’t know what to put in your lunch box, here are the ten best lunch ideas for construction workers.

Idea #1: A sandwich made with thick slices of bread

Sandwiches are one of the best lunch ideas for construction workers because they are convenient and portable. However, sandwiches can get soggy when they are prepared a few hours in advance. To make a sandwich that is fit to be eaten on a construction site, prepare it with thick slices of wholemeal bread.

Whether you like mayonnaise in your sandwiches, or another type of dressing, don’t put too much of it if you don’t want to eat a soggy sandwich.

Idea #2: A wrap or a sub

Tortilla wraps are even more portable than sandwiches, and they hold moisture much better than white bread does, without falling apart. You can add your favourite fillings to them.

Subs are another good option if you want a portable and delicious lunch that will provide you with the energy you need. Just like wraps and sandwiches, they don’t need to be heated before you eat them.

Idea #3: Meat pies or pasties

Meat pies or pasties are another example of a perfect portable lunch. You can eat them with your hands. You can heat them in a micro-wave oven if you want to, but they will taste just as great if you eat them cold.

A pie or pasty filled with beef, potatoes, onions, and a few other vegetables will make you look forward to lunchtime, and will keep you full until you go back home after your work day.

Idea #4: Jerky or smoked sausages

Beef or pork jerky are good for a construction worker’s lunch box due to its convenience. These are great lunch ideas for construction workers, since the food doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and it will provide you with plenty of protein.

Smoked sausages are another good choice if you want to add more protein to your lunch. Eat a few sausages with a piece of cheese and some pieces of vegetables, and you will have a perfect hearty meal.

Idea #5: Roasted chicken

If you love roasted chicken, you probably know that it’s still delicious when eaten cold the following day. In fact, some people think it’s better when it’s cold.

To turn some roasted chicken leftovers into the perfect construction site lunch, wrap it inside a tortilla wrap, or inside a large salad leaf. It will become a portable meal you can eat with your hands.

Idea #6: Potatoes in sour cream

Potatoes cooked in sour cream and seasoned to taste also make a fantastic lunch that can be eaten cold. However, you will need at least a fork to be able to eat this meal.

Don’t forget to keep it in a cooler until lunchtime. You don’t want the sour cream to go bad if it’s kept in a lunch box that isn’t insulated and doesn’t contain an ice pack.

Idea #7: Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is a good low-carb lunch for construction workers. This meal is better when it’s warm, so you should put it in the micro-wave oven if you have access to one. However, it can still make a delicious lunch if you eat it cold.

Once again, you will need to keep it cool until it’s time to eat. Don’t forget to bring a fork, unless you don’t mind getting creamy cheese all over your hands.

Idea #8: A bowl of rice or couscous

If you like lunches that have to be eaten with a fork, you could prepare a large bowl of rice or couscous and add it to your cooler. These are healthy lunch ideas for construction workers who want to eat something light.

When you add meat, beans, vegetables, sauces, seasonings, and spices, you will end up with a hearty lunch with eiher a familiar or an exotic flavour.

Idea #9: Nuts and fresh fruits or vegetables

Nuts are full of protein, and they make a perfect snack for those moments where you’re hungry, but you don’t have time to eat your lunch yet. Keep a bag of peanuts, almonds, cashews, or Brazil nuts in your lunch box.

Fresh fruits and raw vegetables also make a perfect snack. Cut them in pieces, and keep them in a plastic bag or container.

Idea #10: A sports drink that contains electrolytes

Finally, you need to drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated, especially if it’s hot outside. It’s also a good idea to add a sports drink to your cooler.

When you sweat, your body looses electrolytes: sodium, potassium, and other minerals that are needed to keep your cells healthy. Sports drinks that contain electrolytes will help you replenish your precious minerals supplies.