Colloquially known as man’s best friend, dogs are considered some of the most loyal sidekicks to accompany you with on this journey we call life. Even though they may initially seem like they’re a handful to deal with, you’ll find the ends justify the means. Ensuring they live a long, healthy life is the least you can do for all that they do to improve your life with.

When it comes to nourishment, you’ll want to stay far away from specific types of foods. Here are six types of human foods bad for dogs to eat:

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is widely known as one of the worst human foods for dogs to eat. Although you may have a sweet tooth for all things chocolate, your canine does not. Chocolate is extremely notorious for being harmful to dogs.

Chocolate contains a toxic ingredient known as theobromine, which isn’t dangerous to humans but can be to dogs. If consumed, it can cause your dog to vomit or, at worst, have seizures which can be fatal.

Theobromine is most commonly found in products such as dark chocolate and baking chocolate. Although it may be tempting to feed your pet just a sample, save yourself the trouble and keep the sweet treat to yourself.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products represent another group of foods bad for dogs to eat. Most products that originate from a cow’s milk are known for not being safe for dogs. Food sources like cheese or ice cream are very harmful for their consumption.

Dogs lack a particular enzyme which is used to break down milk sugar. Since a large majority of dogs are lactose intolerant, it is unwise to feed them any product with a foundation in dairy. Some dogs may be able to handle it, but it is generally safe to just keep it to yourself.

Dairy can induce vomiting because of the high fat content inside, so ensure that your little friend avoids it at all costs!

3. Candy And Baked Goods

You may have seen dogs in commercials or movies sneaking in a cookie from the cookie jar as a reward. Don’t let this fool you. Most candied products and baked goods can be very dangerous.

The main reason comes down to an ingredient known as xylitol. Xylitol is known for spiking insulin levels within your dog’s body. If this happens, your dog is more susceptible to liver failure and may suffer from symptoms such as loss of coordination or sporadic seizures.

Xylitol can also be found in peanut butter, so it is best to either check the ingredients list on the product. Keep these foods away from your dog altogether.

4. Extremely Salty Foods

The odd pretzel or pieces of popcorn are common food items to feed your pup with. However, they should only be fed to your dog if unsalted. Too much salt can result in some truly dire straits.

Extremely salted food products can first lead to excessive thirst and urination. If it becomes a prolonged part of your dog’s diet, they then become more vulnerable to seizures and possibly death.

Salt in very minimum doses should not be an issue for your pet’s nutrition, but you should be aware that too much of it, like most things in life, can prove to be a terrible thing.

5. Raw Meats And Fish

Uncooked meats and fish contain large quantities of bacteria that can be disastrous for your dog to consume. In regards to fish, some may even have a parasite that can lead to symptoms such as fever or enlarged lymph nodes.

A dog’s immune system is different from a human’s. So, it should be nourished differently while taking into consideration various factors that could harm it. Raw meats and fish can still house potential sources of salmonella, which can be detrimental to your dog’s overall health.

Although meat and fish sources are used in your dog’s diets, don’t just purchase raw meats in bulk to subsequently feed your canine with. When in doubt, ask a pet nutritionist about the viability of giving your dog raw meats and alternatives as a food source.

6. Grapes And Raisins

You may have accidentally fed your dog a couple of these for fun while eating a vine of your own. However, although a couple may prove to be harmless, many grapes and raisins in one sitting can be dangerous for your pet.

Although the exact substance is unknown, there exists some level of toxic property within grapes that can lead to kidney failure. At worst, it can be fatal for your dog. Think twice about feeding them a couple of these next time in order to avoid an unnecessary heartbreak.

Dogs are representative of a never-ending source of comfort. However, even they can succumb to their internal systems failing if fed with the wrong foods. If you ever are in doubt as to what to feed your good boy with, ask your dog breeder for advice. Better safe than sorry, right?