There is little doubt for new parents that their infant nutrition is of the highest level of importance.  Nutritional needs for babies are something that many new parents worry about. Questions like “Am I giving them enough of this?” “Did I give them to little of that?” are questions that can keep you up at night.

Goat milk formula is an excellent source of nutrients for babies as it provides them with a host of nutrients and vitamins that they will need to develop. However, that is only one source of nutrients to which you can provide them.

It can be terrifying for a parent the first time when trying to provide your baby with the best foods possible. But it would always be best to speak with your doctor about what you should be giving them, and a bit of research wouldn’t hurt as well. In this blog post, we will outline six more nutritious foods that you can provide your baby for them to develop their minds.

# 1 – Apple

The saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away is a genuine and accurate statement. Apples are great for helping your baby’s brain development. Not only does apple help in developing the brain but it also has a host of other benefits that are not restricted solely to cognitive functions.

And of course, we are talking about giving your newborns applesauce.

# 2 – Lentils

Lentils are an excellent source of iron, fiber, and protein. These are a favored food in many cultures in the eastern hemisphere of the world.

# 3 – Avocados

Smashed avocado porridge is an excellent source of nutrients for your newborn as it is a healthy fat that contributes to brain health. Aside from being an excellent source of nutrients for brain development, it is also great for a variety of other health benefits which could have a list all unto itself.

# 4 – Whole Wheat Porridge

Whole wheat porridge is great for fiber and when mixed with other foods like fruits, goat milk, yogurt and so on this can very well be a great meal to give to your newborn and your baby.

# 5 – Leafy Green

The benefits that green leafy vegetables provide are too numerous (and in a right way). Dark greens are incredibly beneficial for one’s overall health. Not only are they helpful for improving one’s cognition but dark greens are great for combating against a host of diseases that the body can get.

Dark greens are in every sense of the word, a panacea. It is incredibly talented to give your baby dark leafy green vegetables as it will not only develop their mind but their body as well.

# 6 – Greek Yogurt

The benefits of Greek yogurt are numerous, as many of the entries on this list. It is great because it has a lot of probiotics as well as healthy fat that contributes to the development of the brain.