There are plenty of foods out there contributing to tooth decay and gum disease. For those with sensitive teeth or who are prone to teeth-related issues, food and diet is certainly an important aspect of controlling the health of your teeth. Ideally, food that are good for your teeth will help to keep them clean and healthy, whether you have dental implants or not. These foods should also support your gums.

Here are some foods worth including in your daily oral care routine.

1. Apples

No list of foods good for your teeth would be complete without apples. They’ve long been provided as an example of the ideal food to eat to keep your teeth sparkling white clean. Regardless of the type, apples are known to cleanse the mouth, wash away any food particles stuck between your teeth, and will strengthen your gums.

2. Red bell peppers

Vitamin C is high in red bell peppers which are integral to collagen production. Collagen is of course a necessary protein for gum health and helps to keep one’s gums tight to the tooth. Low intake of vitamin C is known to be associated to gum problems and bad breath.

3. Tea

Green teas and black teas contain polyphenols which work to interact with the plaque-causing bacteria in our mouths. Bacteria feeds on sugar in the mouth. After the bacteria’s filled up, they excrete acids which can absolutely destroy acids. We know, it sounds pretty disgusting! Enjoying some tea now and again is a great choice during or after a meal as it suppresses this acid-producing bacteria.

4. Dairy

Dairy products like yogurt and milk are filled with calcium, phosphorous, and casein protein. Regular consumption of dairy has its drawbacks elsewhere in the body however in moderation and when it comes to teeth, it’s going to help keep tooth enamel strong.

5. Water

Water makes up 99.5 percent of our saliva. As we dehydrate, our saliva thickens. This can completely wreck our mouths. You always want to have your water content up high. A hydrated human being will be able to break down food better, neutralize bacterial acid, and prevent decay. Also, rinsing with water after drinking coffee or eating other staining foods can minimize staining.

6. Strawberries

Strawberries dropped onto a white shirt will stain it however it’s an excellent natural teeth whitening food. Strawberries are one of the foods that are good for your teeth, since they contain an enzyme known as malic acid. Regular strawberry consumption can assist in keeping your teeth white and clean.

7. Fish

Fish is a recommended oral care food primarily because of its vitamin D content. Why this is has to do with the body’s absorption of calcium. Calcium protects the gums and teeth from disease however the body can’t fully absorb all the calcium we take in without vitamin D. Fatty dish like salmon is an excellent source of vitamin D which will ensure you get the full strength of the calcium you consume.

8. Cheese

Isn’t it the best news when you find out cheese is included on any list of foods you should eat? Cheese combats acid erosion of the teeth which makes it a favourite. Any time you eat a meal high in acidity, eating cheese afterwards can counteract the acids left behind. Foods like any sweets, breads, citrus, or sodas are going to expose your teeth to decay.

Not only is cheese one of the foods that are good for your teeth, but they are also great foods for healing joint pain. Consider adding a few slices of cheese as a dessert.

9. Chocolate

Any chocolate at 70% cacao or above and eaten in moderate is a superfood for the teeth. There’s a compound called CBH in it which is known to harden tooth enamel, hence reducing risks of tooth decay. Keep in mind not every type of chocolate will do. The cocoa bean is what you want to focus on because it’s what’s carrying the good stuff. If you have braces, avoid chocolate with nuts. Also, always eat chocolate – even dark chocolate – in moderation.

10. Oranges

What! Didn’t you just say oranges’ citrus were a bad idea – it’s true. Oranges may be citrus and acidic however the vitamin D in citrus strengthens blood vessels and connective tissues, and also slows down the progression of gum disease by reducing inflammation. Oranges, grapefruits, as well as other citrus sources should regularly feature in your diet. Consider putting together a fruit salad which you can dip into regularly. Just as a reminder, wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth after eating citrus.

11. Fruits and veggies

High fibre fruits and vegetables will actually scrub your teeth similar to a toothbrush as you’re chewing them. They also stimulate saliva production. Salad greens also pack a heck of a nutritional punch with a high water content despite the fact some of the fruits can be packed with sugar. Carrots, celery, cucumber, and applies should be kept and eaten fresh at all times. Believe us when we say that, if you don’t have a toothbrush, these are going to help keep your teeth clean.