The world of health, fitness, and general wellbeing are all intertwined with one another. There are a plethora of dynamics that are shared by specialists of each domain, and all are vital. One of those areas correlated to each of them is diet, since humans require the right foods. Depending on one’s physical health goals, the foods you consume may vary.

A diet can be modified according to one’s personal fitness goals, for example. Or, the diet can be a part of a system that must be followed by a particular health care professional. Naturopathic doctors are one such professional that instruct their clients to follow a specific diet plan.

Here are some of the meals and foods to include in your naturopathic cleanse diet plan:

Eliminate some foods from your diet

First and foremost, it is important to discern which foods being consumed are not appropriate for your well-being. After establishing a rapport with your naturopathic doctor, they will instruct you to get rid of specific food sources. Unbeknownst to the patient, some foods may prove to be more harmful than intended.

For those who have bodily issues residing in the gut, dairy products may have to be outright eliminated. This means getting rid of milk products, which could be the source of the particular gut issue. Consult with a naturopath first, in order to establish what your new diet may look like.


Since naturopathy is mostly concerned with using the body as the source of treatment, eating healthy is important in your naturopathy diet plan. No matter what sort of meals you put together, you will inevitably integrate vegetables into them. Your usual greens are a great source of nutrients and vitamins, and you have a myriad of choices available.

Like your parents used to say, you have to eat your veggies! Don’t be afraid to choose from the different kinds available, such as broccoli, kale, or collards. Almost all vegetables are advocated by naturopathic doctors, due in part to their detoxifying effect on the body. The health benefits you feel, as a result, will be noticeable overtime.

Milk alternatives

Getting rid of dairy in your original diet may be difficult to do for most patients. However, in order for your naturopathic diet to work, it has to be eliminated as soon as possible. The great thing about getting rid of dairy is that you don’t have to sacrifice your glass of milk completely. Milk alternatives can be used as a great replacement.

Even if you are unsure about getting in your daily amount of calcium, don’t be afraid of missing out. Almond milk is a great substitute, but also includes the same amount of the nutrient in every glass. If you prefer an extra kick to your beverage, coconut milk can also be used in the diet plan too.

Beans & lentils

Despite naturopathic diets not having your usual favourites, you don’t have to skimp out on your daily nutrients. Protein is an essential nutrient to get in on the right basis, but the right foods must be consumed. Generally speaking, you can get your protein sources in the form of beans and lentils.

The great benefit of consuming this food is that it also provides you with a steady source of fiber as well. Once you become well acquainted with your naturopathic diet plan, you can use this food as a secondary ingredient. Soups are a great base to add beans and lentils to, provided it meets the requirements of the diet.

Sweet potatoes

White potatoes are the base of some of the most popular foods in the world. However, once a naturopathic diet is implemented, these foods have to be eliminated. Sweet potatoes can be an awesome substitute in its place, as long as your naturopathic doctor approves it for you.

Sweet potatoes come packed with flavour, and can be prepared in a number of great ways as well. Plus, they also include key nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, and B6. Don’t be afraid to bake a few, in order to satisfy your carbohydrate craving for the day.


Universally regarded as one of the best anti-inflammatory foods on the planet, garlic is crucial to a naturopathic diet. To prevent common cold symptoms or the flu, garlic should be consumed in a modest amount. Moreover, it is also extremely beneficial to your vital organs, such as the heart. Use garlic as an additive to your favourite salads for an awesome lunch!

Naturopathic diet plans could seem, at least superficially, like they are sacrificing taste for them to work. This sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth, however. As long as your naturopathic doctor approves each food source, you are good to go. Experiment in the kitchen as you please afterwards!