The summer season is finally here, and many businesses are opening, especially the hotels and restaurants, all ready to welcome the many different customers who are looking to try different selections of luscious new dishes like fresh salads, fruit desserts, and light main meals which are all perfect for the al fresco dining.

If you own a restaurant or hotel, then this is the perfect time to try out some of the exquisite native meals and new dishes as well, which you can recommend to your customers to try out and feel for themselves. Here is a list of some new recipes that you can try out for this summer holidays.

1. Grilled Aubergine, sesame, salad, and watermelon

When you combine watermelon, Aubergine, black rice, and feta together to make one mean and quirky summer salad. You will have your customers literally wishing they had more space left in their stomachs for more. It is then topped with pieces of sesame brittle for a little extra drama and texture. This salad is to die for.

2. Feta and peach couscous

All you need are four ingredients in your kitchen table to be able to make this easy and light lunch for your customers who are guaranteed to enjoy the true taste of the summer. Its combination of feta, mixed seeds, peaches, and couscous is moreish of what customers will be looking for this summer holidays.

3. Vegan Eton mess

Nothing will say summer quite more than the sweet and berry-filled Eton mess. This vegan version will also tell all the difference of this fantastic recipe when you swap the white eggs for a different ingenious alternative.

4. Chicken Provençal with artichokes and olives

You will also definitely want to cater to your customers with this easy yet hearty chicken casserole which will definitely evoke in this summer, Provence using fragrant selections of herbs, olives, tomatoes, and artichokes.

5. Layered rainbow salad pots

Kids may as well start lining up for this delicious salad doused with vitamin C and its rainbow-like colors of tuna salad, are ideal for their lunchboxes or just a simple summer picnic. Which parent wouldn’t want their kids taking these extremely healthy salads in their diets?

6. The Jersey Royals, goat’s cheese tart, and courgette

You will literally make the most of the jersey royals at this time that they will be in season. This extremely lovely summer tart and its tang of goat’s cheese will be all your customers will be talking about. It is the ideal picnic snack and is best when served with salad.

7. Sangria cake

Here, the sangria is transformed intone mean and deliciously decadent cake. It boasts of all the summer fruits with red wine flavors of this classic Spanish cocktail. Who wouldn’t want their customers ordering more of their awesome summer delicacies after their hard work in the kitchen?

8. Strawberry labneh

You can try this easy but delicious dessert this summer holiday as well. It comes packed with features of thick yogurt and strawberries which have been macerated in rosewater, pistachios, and honey and are also served with biscuits on the side.