You may think nothing of them besides their obvious function, but the sinks in your home are a necessity through and through. They allow you to clean your hands and wash any other items that require it. However, as is the case with any sort of appliance in the home, they can deteriorate with time.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the condition of your sink in general. If you leave it to deteriorate over time, it will eventually become inoperable. Thankfully, one of the best ways to repair your sink quickly is to look for clogs. Your kitchen sink will probably be the most affected by them.

You can contact a plumber to fix the blockage quickly. However, it is also possible to do the repairs yourself, if you have the DIY expertise. Here is how to fix a clogged kitchen sink by yourself:

Gather your supplies.

The most annoying aspect of getting rid of clogs is how messy things may get. This is especially true if you have a kitchen sink that needs special attention. No matter the magnitude of the repair job, you must ensure you gather the right supplies. Get your hands on some trash bags, a plunger, and some rags.

Most of the time, you should place these rags in and around the sink area, especially near the pipes. You want to keep the workspace as tidy as possible so that cleaning up isn’t a hassle. Cleaning products, and similar items such as baking soda, may also be needed to create an effective solution.

Plunge the clogged sink.

The plunger is one of the greatest tools due partly to its simplicity and forcefulness. Even if the sink may need a bit of a repair in a behind-the-scenes fashion, it never hurts to do an initial plunge. Grab the nearest plunger, and ensure the suction part captures a widened area inside the sink.

Then, fill the sink with water, and place the rim of the plunger onto the sink. You can eliminate small clogs inside by using a repeated push and pull motion. Sometimes, it may take a few tries, but miniature clogs will be taken care of with the right force!

Use home remedies for clogged kitchen sink.

As mentioned previously, there are some products that you could combine to create an effective clog remover. One of the best ones involves using baking soda as the main ingredient. The properties inside of baking soda are completely thorough and break through even the toughest of blockages.

To get your kitchen sink back to normal, you will have to mix a bit of baking soda with some vinegar. Once they are combined in a liquid form, pour them down the sink’s drain. Wait for a bit of time to elapse, and the clogs inside will eventually break apart. It may take a few tries, but the magic is bound to happen!

Use drain snake for clogged kitchen sink.

Even though homemade solutions are some of the most powerful, they may still need an extra kick. In terms of how to get rid of the stronger clogs, you may have to get your hands on an auger. Commonly known as a drain snake, this tool has a pointed edge on one end used for scrapping.

Hold one end of the snake and slowly place it downwards into the drain. Then, once you contact the clogs, use the pointed tip to break apart the clogs one at a time. After you have finished up, let water flow from the sink to see if all blockages are gone. It is as easy as that!

Use wet dry vacuum for clogged kitchen sink.

Another nifty little tool to think about using has to do with a wet dry vacuum. As the name implies, this special vacuum allows you to suction up different materials simultaneously. Switch the vacuum to its wet mode, and place the hose’s end onto the drain.

Then, turn on the vacuum at its highest setting, and let the machine work its magic. It may take a few minutes, especially if the clogs prove to be more difficult to handle. However, the vacuum is so powerful that most clogs are gone within minutes.

Replace the pipes.

The back-end of your kitchen sink may be the culprit in removing the clogs inside. As a result, have a professional inspect them to see if they need replacing. Pipes can get old, resulting in an inefficient sink overall.

Prevent the kitchen sink from clogging.

Clogs can be somewhat easy to prevent when using your kitchen sink daily. Be aware of what is being sent down the drain, and run hot water down the drain now and again!