If you love cooking (or even if you don’t!), you likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Decorating your space can make it feel more personal to you and make it more enjoyable to spend time there. There might be one spot in your kitchen that’s fairly free from décor, though: your window! Decorating your window is easy to spice up the kitchen and add more character. If you want ideas for decorating your window, check out our nine recommendations below!

1. Windowsill Garden

If you have a window with a large windowsill space, consider decorating it with some potted plants! If you have a green thumb, you likely already have some plants in your home that you could relocate to the window. If you’re not much of a gardener, plenty of beginner plants will dress up your window! Cactuses are small and come in all different shapes, so an arrangement of these plants can add a unique décor piece to your kitchen. The greenery and flowers will undoubtedly add.

2. Fresh Herb Storage

This is another idea for a large windowsill! Rather than growing flowers and greenery, are you always growing herbs to add to your dishes? A windowsill is a perfect place to display them! You can get aesthetically pleasing pots with labels, so you always know what you’re reaching for when garnishing your meals.

3. Kitchen Utensil Display

There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of aesthetically pleasing kitchenware on the market. If you’re a collector of pretty utensils like cutting boards and storage containers, why not display them on your windowsill? Fill your display with items of different shapes, sizes and colours for an eclectic and expressive corner of your kitchen.

4. Colourful Curtains

This will work whether you have a windowsill or not! Even the plainest of windows can be dressed up with some colour. The easiest way to add colour to your window is to install some curtains. Curtains are a great option for decorating since they come in virtually any colour or fabric you can think of. Go with a neutral colour that matches your kitchen’s colour palette, or go for a bold hue to add a pop of colour. Just make sure the curtains aren’t too long so you can keep your countertops clear and your curtains clean!

5. Valance

Love the idea of adding colour but not sure about having long curtains in the kitchen. A valance might be the way to go! A valance, or decorative drapery hanging above the uppermost part of the window, can provide a colourful accent to your kitchen without taking up as much space as curtains do! Since a valance isn’t as big as a set of curtains, you can get creative with the pattern and colour of the fabric.

6. Add Some Hanging Shelves

For a truly unique kitchen window, consider installing some hanging shelves. While this may not work depending on the layout of your kitchen, you could install some hanging shelves that attach to the ceiling in front of the window. Not only will this additional storage space, but it will become a conversation piece whenever you have guests over. Depending on your kitchen’s layout and the window’s location, it could even help you use “dead space” that wouldn’t be used otherwise. If you cannot install shelves in front of the window, shelves on either side will have the same effect!

7. Painted Window Frame

If you want some colour without the weight of curtains, try painting your window frame! Like curtains, paint can add a pop of colour or blend with your kitchen’s palette. As with a valance, a painted window frame doesn’t add as much colour as a set of drapes, so you can go with as bold of a colour as you like without overpowering the existing aesthetic of the kitchen.

8. Café Curtains

Another window treatment for this list! These curtains are hung halfway down the window, exposing the top half. These curtains will allow plenty of light into the room while preventing the neighbours from accidentally glancing over and seeing you eating dinner. To add a cozy European feel to your kitchen, try café curtains!

9. Blinds

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning blinds as a décor option! Blinds are the perfect window treatment if you want something clean, simple and functional. Blinds that complement your kitchen’s existing aesthetic will blend right in, looking intrinsically chic.

10. Add Stained Glass

If you want a unique accent piece for your kitchen, consider changing the window’s regular glass pane for one of stained glass! Stained glass panes can range from intricate with multiple colours to simple with one or two colours. Regardless of your style, adding a glass window to your kitchen will personalize and transform the space into something special.