So many brands and vape juice varieties exist. You may not know where to look for a high-quality fruity juice right for you.

Fruity vape juice is an easy choice for most. This flavour is a favourite to both newcomers and experienced vapers alike. A fruit-flavoured e-liquid comes crisp and refreshing. This e liquid Canada tastes sweet and well-balanced. It’s an easy sell if you haven’t done a lot of vaping.

Here are the sixteen best fruity vape juices you can buy:

1. Apple Watermelon – Kilo

You can’t go wrong choosing a crisp, bright orchard-fresh apple vape juice with hints of juicy watermelon at the tail end. Rich and sweet, you won’t feel overwhelmed with sugar. It’s all fruit right through to the exhale.

2. Bluerazz Rings – Shijin Vapor E-Juice

Bluerazz Rings offers a classic combo of raspberries and blueberries in vape juice. It blasts you with tartness to start and then follows it up with some sugary, fruity sweetness to wrap up a satisfying vape.

3. Melon Refresher – Phrut

Melon Refresher is the ultimate natural-tasting fruit blend that’s smooth and sweet, with juicy watermelon, farm-fresh strawberries, and a squeeze of lime poking through. It’s an interesting combination that most find downright intoxicating when they come to vape for the first time.

4. Maui Waui – Smoozie E-Juice

The bold, intense Maui Waui vape juice is not shy about its tropical fruit flavour profile. You have pineapples, mangoes, and strawberries all majestically working together to instantly gratify the palette with a bright, sweet taste.

5. Donkey Kahn – Humble Juice Co.

Donkey Kahn is a fine vape juice that starts with a classic strawberry and banana flavour combo. From there, you’ll notice undertones of dragonfruit start to emerge. The tang of fresh strawberries and bananas sprinkled with exotic dragonfruit makes for a well-balanced and unique flavour profile.

6. Watermelon Cream – Coastal Clouds E-Juice

The work from Coastal Clouds E-Juice to achieve a watermelon-flavoured e-juice done right and with a little bit of cream on end has made their Watermelon Cream a winner. With a taffy base, you’ll enjoy the trickles of velvety cream surrounding the watermelon flavour in this vape juice.

7. Fuji Apple Peach Gummy – Qurious E-Juice

Qurious E-Juice is known for its very colourful and unique vape juice flavours, and the Fuji Apple Peach Gummy is no exception. The peach taste comes bright and juicy, with crisp apple notes near the climax making this a treasure of a pick.

8. Grape Drank – Ruthless E-Liquids

Here you have a highly sweet, flavour-packed vape juice in the form of Ruthless E-Liquids’ Grape Drank. If you enjoy grapes, you’ll love this choice. You will be stunned by how heavenly Grape Drank is. It’s a nice all-day vape that won’t tire.

9. Mahalo Mango – Bantam

Mahalo Mango is a premium e-juice, a mix of tropical flavours with an intoxicating aroma. Bantam’s artisans have concocted a runaway hit with Mahalo Mango, and for all the mango lovers out there, this is no doubt one to try.

10. Pluto – Mister E-Liquid

You may not know by the name, but Pluto packs a nice fruity punch. It’s a succulent and fresh-tasting e-liquid, resembling fresh, cool honeydew. Sweet and smooth, and with a creamy taste over the top, it’s like biting into a melon.

11. Strawberry Blast – Glas Basix E-Juice

Strawberry Blast is a candy-like strawberry vape juice that is bold yet natural-tasting. A perfect choice for a sweet strawberry tooth. This e-liquid balances fruit-flavoured and candy, so if you aren’t into a sugary fruit taste, you may want to skip along.

12. Caribbean Punch – Glas Basix E-Juice

Another entry on the best fruity vape juice list from Glas Basix, Caribbean Punch vape juice, offers a masterful blend of tropical fruit. Tangy peaches, ripe strawberries, and a rush of pineapple make this an exotic, paradise-ready vape experience.

13. Apple Berries – Ripe Collection E-Juice

Here is a farm-fresh fruity vape juice that you won’t want to put down. Apple Berries carries with it a taste of mountain berries and sparkling, crisp apple that tickles the tastebuds. It’s a juicy and sweet vape that you’ll adore through to the exhale.

14. Strawberry Twist – Air Factory E-Juice

Here’s another classic strawberry fruity vape juice. This mouth-watering vape is made to feel like a strawberry taffy more than a natural-tasting fruit vape. You get a bright tang to start you off, building in intensity as the vapour glides across the palette.

15. Watermelon Berry – Cloud Nurdz E-Juice

Watermelon Berry brings bold, bright berry flavours next to watermelon in a collision of fruity vape tastes. Tingling on the tongue with sweetness and crisp, refreshing fruit, the sugars of these ingredients only intensify the longer you hold in the exhale.

16. Aloha Fusion – Lyfe E-Juice

Aloha Fusion is another premium-made tropical fruit vape juice consisting of tones of mango, pineapple, and exotic nectar. If you love snacking on tropical fruit, this is one of the flavours you’ll want to carry with you. The sweetness and tang of a tropical fruit vape will wake those taste buds.