For some Canadians, the idea of camping includes a fair amount of comfort. Perhaps a heated, lakeside cottage with full amenities nearby. For others, however, camping means something far more rustic and remote. Before you plan your next camping trip, you’ll need to think about where you lie on the camping scale. Does a fully-equipped camping resort with linens and T.V. sound about right? Or perhaps you’re looking for an RV or tenting experience?

No matter what kind of camping you prefer, you will need to be prepared with proper equipment and supplies. And because nobody wants to be around a hungry camper, some of the important things to plan ahead are your camping breakfast ideas. Whether you plan to use a stove or an open flame for cooking, make sure you have the pots, frying pans and plates you need. For open-flame cooking, don’t forget the tin foil!

To get you started with meal planning, here are nine delicious camping breakfast ideas:

Idea #1: Breakfast Burger

Drool-worthy and sure to satisfy, a breakfast burger is the perfect way to start your day of camping. Simply fry sausage, ham or bacon, then cook an egg the way you like it. Surround the egg and meat in a breakfast biscuit or bun, wrap the whole thing in tin foil, heat and enjoy!

Idea #2: French Toast

This easy-to-make camping breakfast idea is sure to please campers of all sizes. While there are many variations on French toast recipes, it isn’t something easily made ahead of time. You will want to have supplies ready and keep things simple.

For example, consider using an entire loaf of thick-slice bread, wrapped in parchment paper, then tin foil. Whip together eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and your favourite toppings, pour over bread, wrap in more foil and cook over flame for 40 minutes or more.

Idea #3: Scrambled Eggs

This classic camping breakfast idea had to be on a list for camping breakfast ideas. Made even better by adding your favourite ingredients—think onion, bacon, peppers or cheese—simply warm your pan, add butter and onions if you’re using them, stir in eggs and enjoy.

To make things faster on-site, prepare diced onion, bacon and peppers ahead of time; bring in small, separate containers.

Idea #4: Breakfast Tacos

This easy breakfast idea is perfect for camping. Simply cook scrambled eggs and onions, add cheese and tomatoes if you like. Then warm tortillas over the fire, fill with your egg mixture, add crumbled bacon and enjoy.

Idea #5: Ham and Cheese Croissant Sliders

Perfect for any meal, ham and cheese croissant sliders are exactly as they sound—perfect comfort food and easy to make. Simply cut croissants open, place cheese on both open faces and place ham in between. Wrap in tin foil and cook.

The combination of butter, cheese and ham provides a hearty, delicious meal. These can even be made ahead of time and thrown in the freezer for up to three months before your trip.

Idea #6: Campfire Pancakes

Pancakes make a hearty, comforting camping breakfast idea, sure to be enjoyed by all of your campers. Whether you use a store-bought mix or bring your own pre-mixed dry ingredients and add wet on-site, pancakes are an easy, sure-fire hit for camping. Be sure to remember your favourite fruit toppings and syrup!

Idea #7: Apple Oatmeal

This make-ahead meal allows you to whip up a sweet breakfast over your open flame. Before you leave for your trip, combine oatmeal with brown sugar and your favourite nuts or dried fruits in a large sealed bag. On site, sprinkle sliced apple with cinnamon and sugar, wrap in foil and bake.

Place your dry mix in a heat-proof bowl, cover with boiling water and wait just a few minutes. Top with your baked apple and sugar—you’ve very quickly made a delicious breakfast.

Idea #8: Crescent Kabobs

This quick trick is perfect for camping and only requires a few easy-to-pack ingredients. Simply unroll your premade crescent pastries, add your favourite ingredients—perhaps sugar, cinnamon, small pieces of apple or strawberry—then push a skewer through.

Consider rolling in more cinnamon and sugar before cooking over your campfire.

Idea #9: Breakfast Burritos

These delicious camping staples can be made entirely ahead of time. Simply cook hash browns and pieces of ham in a pan. In a bowl, combine eggs and taco seasoning mix and add to hash browns. When the eggs are fully-cooked, stir in your favourite add-ons, such as cheese and cilantro. Spoon mixture into tortillas, fold into burritos and wrap well in heavy-duty tin foil. Keep your burritos cool until you are ready to cook them at your camp fire.

A quiet morning by the lake is the perfect time to have a classic camp-style breakfast. We hope you have found inspiration for your camping breakfast ideas. When it comes to cooking away from home, especially if it involves an open flame, a little preparation goes a long way.